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So ages after the majority of people have completed it, I finally finished Dream Drop Distance last night.

Beware my feels. And spoilers.

Along with KH2 and Birth by Sleep, this has to be one of my favorite games. It was fun, giggle-worthy, dramatic, gave me many many good feels, and wasn’t completely impossible (I’m looking at you, Chain of Memories), so all around I really enjoyed it. Some parts annoyed the fuck out of me, like the super well-hidden treasure chests and the really awkward flashbacks at the beginning (who needs a prologue when you can toss pieces of explanation between awkward world drops, I guess) but really, over all, I loved it.

Sora’s side of the story made me epically sad. Poor kid, he can’t seem to catch a break. He’s such a cutie-pie, and he really just wants to figure out what’s going on - and then Roxas drops a bomb of memories on him, jeez. That scene was one of my favorites. Sora’s reaction to the memories made me think of the FANGIRL FEELS we’re all so prone to.

Now Lea. LEEEEAAAAAA. Oh my fucking god. What a derpy badass you can be. “‘Dark Rescue”s my middle name,” what the fuck are you on? I had to pause the scene because I was cracking up laughing, oh man.


This game, more than anything, made me love Riku even more than I thought possible. I was pretty sure my love for the boy was pretty great, but this game just blew it out of the water for him. He really is a smart cookie, and he’s learned a lot during the main games, and it shows. He really loves his friends, and the way he talks about Sora and Kairi just kind of made me wibble. A lot. And once he realized something was wrong, that Sora was in trouble, the amount of worry and protectiveness he displayed was just alkjdf;alj. Kudos for David Gallagher. Kudos. And I squee’d when he got so pissed off that Xehanort was using a nightmare to keep Sora trapped; “I am what nightmares fear” indeed.

Now go get your boy. >:3

The ending was kind of silly for me, but still - so many feels. Riku diving into Sora’s heart (again) to bring him back was totally not what I expected for the story to be heading. DiZ was hilarious too - “Don’t tell me (Sora’s) gone to sleep again!” Again, choking on giggles. And then Riku wakes up, and Sora just pounces on him and really that whole scene was the opposite of heterosexual.

I can’t even

Sora and Riku were my first OTP from this series, and this game just made that even better. They’re so cute and bromantic and always thinking of each other even when they’re worlds and dimensions apart it kills me.

I didn’t get the secret ending, but I know Kairi’s there. Please do her justice in 3, Nomura.

So overall: job well done, Nomura and Squeenix. Bring on KH3, and soon if you please.

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